Grace Under Pressure

by | Aug 12, 2019 | 1 comment

I’m standing outside of Saigon Market in Union Square waiting for the visionary that is Jeff Karly of Unique Expozzure to talk over his latest fashion line campaign, and I’m seeing it all. The world is passing me by, just outside Parsons and NYU, it’s a small Mecca for fashion and style, but that’s not what has my attention. What’s got me up in arms is, when did we forget how to walk?

The Art of the Gait

Seriously, I’m loosing my mind watching EVERYONE, young and old, fashion and biz, all stomping around, so much that I want to stop people in the streets. You know the feeling? Come on now, heel-toe. For you marching band kids, remember 8 – 5? If you’re in heels, it’s a lighter heel, more balanced. Where’s the elegance, the flow? Manolo would not approve. Granted, I know we’ve got large bags on our shoulders, myself included, but that’s no excuse to walk like neanderthals forehead first into a non-existent blizzard in 80 degree weather. It’s New York, I get it, but one can still glide, float on air.

Stomp Stomp Stomp

As a fashion photographer, the gate is everything. Body awareness 101. It brings life to the subject, the outfit, has flow in the actual photo. Connection with the inner and outer body. Not to mention it ups your attractiveness game immensely. I can hear my Father’s immortal words outside of school as a six year old,

Aleks my son, I love you, but you walk like fairy dancer on the balls of your feet. You need to fix. Lead with your heel. Roll your foot. Toes point forward. Not left and right to shuffle down street like clown. Be a man.

Touching isn’t it? But the man wouldn’t be wrong. I got the memo at 6. Not all of us were so lucky. In my first masters I used to give mini lessons on how to gate on and off stage. A decade later I’m doing it on set as I hear that Ukie voice of reason in the background…. Aleks, my son

Being light on your feet, gives a look of playfulness. That doesn’t mean we can’t walk with purpose, power and conviction, but we also don’t need to embrace our inner baby elephant a la Mancini as buildings shake when walking down the street, or even in your own home for that matter.

Strut yourself through the rat race this week. With erudite intention, elegant martini in hand, do your best wasp impression as you gait your way down the street, eyes forward, heel down, chin up, floating with confidence. As you feet go, you go.

Giddy up!

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