Take Lunch on The Run.

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Windows Please.


That four top in the middle would be great. Thanks!

Creativity on the Go

Change it up. To quote Paul Simon, Hop on a bus, Gus and set yourself free.” Break up the monotony of the routine and see life from a different perspective. Doesn’t matter the distance. Two blocks, or two miles. Some people arrive at the airport, point at the big board and say, “I’ll have a one-way ticket there please.” In New York I find, a ten minute subway ride is about all you need to get out of your “comfort zone”.

Over pirogies, The Baczynsky, challah and coffee you can have life altering conversation. For this writer, a few hours of good conversation, with my friend and mentor Jon, on life/art, business, dopamine and social media in one of my favorite hoods, is enough to get the creative juices flowing outside of the studio.

Walking back, the conversation inspired not only this post, but also myriad other ideas to work out in the Hamptons this weekend, a few Fall campaigns, and, in general, what Happiness is. Take your turkey to go with a bud, and marvel at what inspiration might hit you just a few blocks away.

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