New York-based Portrait Photographer Aleksandr Karjaka

Aleksandr Karjaka came to New York for the music, but stayed for the photography. As a classically trained clarinet & bass clarinetist, he has had the honor of performing with some of the greatest musicians in the world, including American Ballet Theater where he currently subs. It was through music he learned how to listen with his eyes as a portrait artist.  An adjunct professor at the Parsons School of Design here in New York, Aleks has always been drawn to fashion, but not in the traditional sense. His fascination with fashion has always been one that tells the story of the individual wearing it, as opposed to the story of the piece itself. Aleks believes fashion in a portrait can elevate an excellent story of authenticity into something truly iconic and vulnerable for the world to enjoy.

On the Process ... I listen with my eyes.

I’ve been told I have a way of capturing the inner soul, the authentic side, the version of you that hides in plain sight. It’s not about me on set. It’s about you… what you’ve always wanted to capture without all the posing, the stiffness, without the drama of countless photoshoots before you entered my studio. Portrait sessions with me and the crew are an experience, a mirror into the beyond. Each session is different, but they all start the same, with the two of us having a conversation in the middle of it all, a cup of coffee maybe, a camera on hand for when the moment strikes, and likely a little yacht rock in on the background…

Partial Client List

Amazon Advertising
Amazon PAY
The Associated Press
Carnegie Hall
Chicago Magazine
Classical Singer Magazine
CxRA – Catering by Restaurant Associates
IT On Demand
JDRF – Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund
Michigan State University
Million Dollar Listing NY
Parsons School of Design


1350 Avenue of the Americas, 2FL
New York, NY 10019


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