Coffee and Creatives

by | Aug 5, 2019 | 0 comments

Or in other words, “What now my love?”

Over coffee and shoptalk I commiserate with my crew. We run at breakneck speed, building our businesses. What’s the newest strategy? Where are our blindspots. What worked, what didn’t. Meanwhile with the market…

Household spending increases 4% this past quarter. Fed cuts a quarter of a point and the Dow and S&P tumble. Amazon launches a new personal styling option to compete with Jetblack, Stitch Fix and Walmart.

To the average business owner there isn’t a huge impact. No different than the new campaign you just launched on social media. Over dozens of cups of coffee the gang I’ve waxed philosophical and broken it down, like with the news from the market, the impact takes time. Engage. Convert. Evaluate. Repeat.

A photo that drops today is one of many in your arsenal. Think before you invest thousands into online advertising. Make sure you’re producing quality imagery first regardless of the source. Target a specific audience. Be willing to put the time in. Go beyond how many likes, views, new followers.

I’ve often heard my colleagues reflect on social media and marketing akin to a war of attrition. I’d hate to think I’m wearing down my enemy, but the bottom line, it takes time to breakthrough with your audience.

Wait it out and create great imagery.

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