Don’t Iron the Shirt

I know, controversial, right? But seriously, don’t over think it. What’s your day to day outfit of choice? Do you spend 30 mins (+) organizing your outfit, or do you roll out of bed and step into your casual uniform of jeans, t-shirt and comfortable shoes? Obsessed with Fashion, or vaguely aware of it on your commute to work?

If you’re looking to rebrand yourself and appeal to a different market, by all means, up your game. Buy fitted shirts, beautifully pressed with collar of choice. I’m a straight point collar guy myself. Classic and elegant. But if you’re a techie guru focused on user experience, maybe you stick with who you are and roll with the blazer and Vote for Pedro tee? Portraiture is about capturing the essence of who you are. Your style enhance you and your image, but isn’t the focus in your portrait, you are. One of a kind, a stylized to match.

There are different tools for different jobs. Know which tool to use to convey your message. Keep it simple stupid, don’t run to a Rowenta if you don’t know how an iron works. Just do you and communicate the real with Karjaka.