Cover Edition 2023

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Whatever happened to the 12 days of Christmas? It’s January 3rd and the stores are already pushing Valentine’s Day. Growing up in a half slavic home, we celebrated two Christmases, the second being on January 7th for Orthodox Christmas if you follow the Julian calendar. If you know, you know.

Anyway, yes the holiday parties have come and gone, the ball has dropped in Times Square for New Years, (Happy New Years by the way) and now it’s a mad dash to make good on New Year’s resolutions, massively discounted sales (if there’s anything left on the shelves), and braving that cold winter that’s due to delight the northern hemisphere at any moment. 

Well in the spirt of it all, we thought we’d reflect on our 2023 of covers and fantastic images that dropped from those editions in this edition. Keeping it short and sweet, because judging by the internet and most opinions, 2023 was a dumpster fire of epic proportions.

On a personal note I/All of us at KARJAKA would love to thank you for the magic of this past year, despite the resounding negatives notes that are out there. We’ve had the pleasure of working and creating fabulous new works with clients and creatives from all around the globe, creating iconic art and campaigns that are sure to last the test of time. And while time is short, thank you for being a part of it. We’re continuing to grow and expand and would mean nothing without your love and support of our work.

From all of us at KARJAKA, 

Wishing you a most creative New Year!

The Covers

An actor, man of many faces. I love exploring the space with anyone I work with. Pierre has this smile that lights up a room. Pure energy and joy. He’s able to capture the breadth of emotion as is his gift, but for me, give me a closeup of his smile and you’ve got something that stops traffic.

We’re always performing… on and off stage, in the supermarket, on the phone, with family etc. It’s a rarity to take a deep breath in front of others. Anna’s poise draws me in and I exhale out with this picture of relaxation between her performances on piano and violin.

This was our second session. Somewhat impromptu looking for that idyllic location on the westside, vulnerability consumed Lucas even more so and we were able to capture the standard poses that one attributes to having in a fantastic location, but also something tender, non-scripted. We often think, tell me what to do here or direct me there. For me, I love watching those in between moments become the actual moment. No luck, just patience and a little soft vulnerability.

A subtle smirk. Most would discard this photograph as it is soft or out of focused. Me, while in pursuit of perfection, there’s something gloriously wonderful in imperfection. Humans, us, we are imperfect. There’s something to be cherish in capturing  that. It’s Amanda’s subtle smirk that brings beauty and cause for pause in a picture that should be anything but discarded. We revel in the imperfection of our craft. We revel in you.

Quiet Poise. Sometimes less is more. I’m a talker, in case you missed it. Every so often I have clients that don’t like or wish to talk, or talk verbally verbally. It’s moments like these where I get to stretch. Let the eyes do the talking, the lips, the silence, the music of the room. Perhaps a moment or thought comes to your or my mind, and pop, that’s the capture. That’s the photo that will span the test of time. Poised perfection.

It starts with a conversation. To know Garnett is to talk to Garnett. To talk and be in his world, capture any part of it, is love. The man gives with his whole heart, as do all my clients. In order to capture that passion for life, it all starts with a conversation, and then soon enough you don’t realize you’re being photographed. Just caught up in the human drama of life and making iconic moments in the midst of it all. Talk to me.

Happiness comes in many forms. With roots from down south, Jess lit up with her Georgia peach and I was only too happy to capture that moment. Not 400 photos, not even 10, just a couple snaps and a bite is all it took, and imbued happiness was captured in our digital plate.

Give me your tired, your poor your huddled masses yearning to breathe free… from pain. Ah, yes, the struggle. We see trainers as these beacons of light upon mountain tops with the likes of Zeus, Ra, Wotan or whoever your god of choice is. Then come to realize they’re human just like everyone else. Our wellness guru Craig even has managed to injure himself, providing fantastic imagery to see the
other side of the health coin, the humanity.

Uncomfortable. I know very little of punk rock, but know the depths of friendship, so when our  resident music expert suggested going full punk, I said… rock on! Portrait photography, like any kind of photography, is not wrote, or at least it shouldn’t be. I’m expanding, trying new things. Sure, lighting might be a little similar, but the crew that walks in my studio is always different. So with that we went Faces of Punk with punk rocker Nikki V. and the images are electric.

I’ve performed around the world as a clarinetist with shows, operas, orchestras, been taking photos since I was a kid, and it doesn’t matter who you are, or where you come from, I’ve seen this moment in every place and scene imaginable. 

That last look into the mirror before the performance and a quick light application coat. The glance up. Not just ready, but soon. Once the lipstick cover snaps and the item placed on to the counter or bag… It’s Showtime Folks!

Kristin is a Character. A master thespian, she has everything you’re looking for in an actress. Having seen her perform and been in the presence of, she’ll have you engaged and laughing within a matter of seconds. So, to have such a dynamic presence be so relaxed and the complete opposite of how she’s usually perceived, priceless. My mission as a portrait photographer is to not only capture who you are, or how you want to be perceived, but go a little deeper, take the mask off. Breathe.

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