Wait for it… Or the Joys of Landing a Plane on Fire.

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There are two types of people out there when it comes to “entrepreneurship” with some obvious grey areas and variances. The…

I’m going to wait until conditions are perfect. My business plan has been vetted by 100 people; my product is the best/only one of it’s kind; I have 100K in social media followers; the market conditions suggest that launching this business will be optimal in Q3 with and ROI six months after launch. Yada Yada Yada

And then there are…

YOU GUYS!!… I have this thing! I made it! It’s AWESOME! I’m selling it right now! Can you believe it?? I have no idea what I’m doing but it’s happening.

Are you perpetual planner or sheer force of will guy/gal? Me personally, I live my life through the latter.

Has anyone seen the left side wing?


Uh Hi. This is your Captain speaking. We’re cruising at an altitude of 30,000ft… I think. You know, it’s my first full day on the job here in sunny skies and I’m excited to be here. If you look out the left and right side windows you’ll notice, the engines are currently on fire. No cause for alarm.

In addition to our attempts at extinguishing the fire, we’re rebuilding the port side wing, and we’ve added landing gear to our list of things to install while we try to land this blazing inferno into LAX.

No need to panic.

That is all.


When people ask me what’s it like running a business in NYC I simply reply, try building a plane that’s on fire at 30,000 ft. and descending, while learning how to land. No parachutes. The long and short of it there is no one or right way. No right time.

There is joy in the unknown. Hindsight is always 20/20 as they say, but it’s living in that moment, when it feels like your adventure is a house of cards ready to come crashing down, where you get explore new ground, new creativity. Think of all the excitement you have for getting your vision out into the world! Often we diminish that with all the planning and waiting for the optimal time. JUST RUN WITH IT. Sometimes you have to love chaos. Plan as you might with your business, or in my case photoshoots, there are always new variables, oops, and things unaccounted for that pop up that can take an ordinary session to something extraordinary.

That’s what I live for in ART as I land the plane. Jump before looking. Sure, there are bruises, scrapes, sometimes broken bones, but we always walk away to create another day. Anyone can get on board with your idea. But when push comes to shove…

Land the Plane.

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