Make a Scene.

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He sat there grinning like the cat that ate the canary.

Was it because he was wearing canary yellow pants? Possibly. A wave of happiness washed over him. He was living Art in real-time. An artist of disruption. 

Bathed in a sea of black winter coats on the Manhattan bound W train, even his tan 3/4 London Fog rain coat stood out. He was beside himself, giddy, and all he wanted was to shout and share it with everyone. Having not enough time to procure coffee, saner minds still prevailed as he found an alternative rush of adrenaline brought on by the moment, and the groove of Marvin Gaye.

They were blind. Oblivious. Out to Lunch. How could they not see? Not a smile in sight within a sea of adults. But, hidden in a small corner, a tiny child smiled enough for the entire car. Her eyes wide. She got it. Happiness.

And the man, he departed the train on 59th street almost floating effortlessly through a parting sea of black.

Life continued on. 

If you know me, or have spent time with me, you know I love to make a scene. On set, on the street… at dinner. Making a scene to me is disrupting the everyday. It’s a natural high interjecting yourself, your style and grace into the preordained structures of life. My mantra, I leave every room lit up, even on the subway.

For my clients, that’s paramount. Don’t settle for the subway uniform. Light up a room with your authenticity, even if that’s a bold pair of canary yellow pants. Remember, life continues on. Make a statement today or get lost in masses tomorrow.

Live outrageously and create disruption with Karjaka.

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