Something to Smile About

If you haven’t figured it out, I’m genuinely interested in people. Portrait photographers by nature are makeshift anthropologists, psychologist, sociologist and various other “-gists” all wrapped into one. Me? I’m more interested in who someone is on a global level. That’s part of the secret of what shows up in my photographs.

Now don’t get me wrong, I adore Fashion. I mean it, you heard me, adore. I’m that guy you’ll find on the street complimenting complete strangers on their outfits and style. I usually get a Thank You and a smile. Everyone’s day is brightened up a bit. It’s a small, almost insignificant gesture, but an important one nonetheless. Note, I’m usually by my office on 5th Ave or Soho where fashion lives. However, I’ll sometimes get strange looks, which often correlates with the outfit their wearing as well. Or maybe I’m just a bit eccentric?

Regardless, I’m still a firm believer if you look good, you feel good. Plain and simple. You’re ready to take on whatever lies ahead. Portrait photographers often get a bad wrap in their lack of interest or understanding of fashion. If anything, as a portrait photographer it means my interest is heightened. Fashion and Style enhance, or in some cases mute, the subject matter.

The take away with this fashionable expos√©? Not everyone works or deals in fashion, and news flash… you deal with fashion everyday if you’re not a nudist, but that does not give us reprieve from dressing well and looking good. In this day and age of heightened marketing and branding through social media, it would seem that now, more than ever, would be the time to get interested in who you are, and who you present yourself to be in a photograph or on 5th Ave.

Get interested in You in a Karjaka Portrait.