Keep It Simple, Stupid.

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Remember the words of Mrs. Baker my high school economics teacher, … KISS. Keep it simple, stupid. Too often we run to the unlimited lunch buffet and grab everything our stomach desires. 

I’ll try this, and this, and this, and I must have that.

And half way through consuming our delectable delicacies, we realize we’ve made an enormous mistake. This smoked gouda is not pairing well with my Sichuan chicken and diet coke as originally anticipated.

Suddenly, all of the excitement of carbohydrate consumption is ruined by our eyes being larger than our stomachs. The experience, soured along with the inevitable food coma that is about to commence. Bring on the TUMS. 

Simplicity is the key to life. It’s the focus of Art. So often our work /art is a reflection of who we are. How I run my studio and life is no different. With childlike wonder I tend to keep things simple. Focusing on the finer things, elegance, grace, poise, and making a statement in any fashion, one doesn’t need much. Books, flowers, a beautiful black tea in a Lenox tea cup, good company, excellent conversation on Art over libation are all the elements required to compose my life. The experience, paramount. You could say the same is true for my photographs. The scene, simple. Elegant. Beautiful light. No distractions to take away from the subject; the focus that is you. 

And make no mistake, every piece has it’s place. Hair and makeup, outfits styling, choice jewelry, set and props et al. As an anthropologist I love seeing the details of my clients, imperfections and all. Photoshop is a wonderful tool, but plastic fantastic is not a motto I live by as a portrait photographer.

When in doubt, there is no doubt. Or in other words if you have to ask, you already know the answer, and that answer is to subtract. Simplify. A good photographer creates a scene, a story. A great photographer knows how much to put on that plate. The client, savoring that moment for years to come.

Don’t fall victim to the two plate lunch. Stay focused. Build a vision and keep it simple, stupid.

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