Wia Merriam-Webster

verb ar·​rest | \ ə-ˈrest  \arrestedarrestingarrests 

1: SEIZE, CAPTURE specificallyto take or keep in custody by authority of law. Police arrested the suspect.

2 a: to bring to a stop. Sickness arrested his activities.
  b: CHECK, SLOW Its growth was arrested.
  c: to make inactive. An arrested tumor

3: to catch suddenly and engagingly arrest attention

Now insert yourself into the world, the perspective/context of arrested. Life and experiences, the job, family and friends, romance, prosperity, traffic, nature … Art. Our attention is constantly being arrested. Life is being interrupted/disrupted.


From once there was nothing, an now there is something. Something that moves you. Cuts to your core in a way you never thought possible. Stops you in your tracks at the Theater/Museum, on the street, or even scrolling through social Media. You laugh, weep, get mad, smile in jubilation. Art is a visceral.

Excellence Arrests. Who cares about a photograph in a sea of photographs, if it does not arrest the viewer, our audience?

The Art of Art. Grab your audience in a style and manner that works for you. Whether it be the cold bucket of water to the face of that is Realism, or a Lily pond via Monet, suspend time. Have your audience get lost in your image, gazing in wonderment. That’s Good Art.