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Letter from The Editor

I was lucky enough to apprentice with the late great Chuck Bogana. Chuck being the last of a bygone era having done the final printing and retouching of legends Richard Avedon, Irving Penn and other masterful photographic Artists, was a master printer who taught me not only the finer points and the artistry that is fine art printing, but in his quiet zen like way, opened me up to what a photograph is and can truly be. The feel, the reflection of its framed glory. While my tenure with Chuck under his tutelage was a mere three years, the impact of printing lives on with each photograph I take. A decade later and my thoughts are relatively simple…

Who Gives a XXXX about Content?

Content Vs. Art

Look into the annals of history. No one ever said in reflection of another human being, “He/She created great content for the world.” What does that even mean, content? Reflect on Rembrandt, Bach, Georgia O’Keeffe, James Baldwin, Avedon and the great multitude of artists alike. Was Warhol a great an innovator, an Artists or just possibly the first content creator? And yet, this phrase content creator appears everywhere.

I’m sorry but I’m pissed. In a sea of noise that is the talking box of the internet, have we been reduced to creating content for social power and ape like dominance/hierarchy? It’s just filler folks. What happened to Art? Verified content influencer and ambassadors be damned. Grow Up people.

Content Creators or Sales Representatives? Think about it… what is their call to action? They’re selling you on whatever their “content” is. Their lifestyle, their happiness of their amazing lives or products … (you too could be happy as I am.) Meanwhile, their content leaves much to be desired in the Art department. Nothing lasting. Today’s content is tomorrow’s trash bin, or discard of yesterday’s momentary entertainment. And at what cost? … Your time. In the end, who cares about their two cents? Where’s the impact? Where’s the memory?

Happiness is fleeting. A photograph is forever.

“Who prints photographs any more?”

…one of my clients remarked over the phone. It took all of me to restrain my passion. “Who?”, I quipped like some puzzled owl, “Who reduces themselves, or moment, down to an image that will be featured as the sole purpose of social media? Is that why you’re here? Don’t you deserve to be on a wall and observed in splendor?” Photographs were made to be displayed. Not content to fill a square or a scrolling feed.

A printed photograph captures your soul, the imagination, a moment in time, perfection personified. You deserve your moment in the sun, your glory. Don’t get lost in the noise of constant content. You are the outlier, the Art that stands above all.

Create Art not Content. Create with Karjaka.

With Covid in varying stages, the Universe heard my cry and sent Film.

Well, mother dearest sent Film and Kodak pivoted to make pharmaceuticals courtesy of Covid and the Federal Government. That being said, I’m only too excited to burn through this batch of Kodak Portra, Fuji Velvia, Tri-X 400, Ilford and others… ASAP. Are you looking to have your portrait taken but are still on the fence? Right now we’re Celebrating Film with 0 (zero) deposits on Portraits when you shoot with me in Film, on the street or in Studio. A la carte single images and package deals are available after developing.

Call now and get your Emulsion on!

Giddy up!

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