The Imprint of the Print

by | Oct 2, 2018 | 0 comments

Soooo I waited to write this post till today, and for good reason. I’m sitting in Hell’s Kitchen wrapping up a meeting master printer, graphic designer, typeface and information layout specialist Matthew Maslanka of Maslanka Press. That beautiful Karjaka logo that you see on our images and brand, Matthew and I designed that some five years ago with some inspiration from my Father. Today, we’re working on brand recognition and the logo upgrade for the various platforms for the Karjaka Brand. That being said, it’s one thing to see your logo, image, digitally. It’s another to see it, feel it, smell it, in print.

We’re now living a digital world where people, our audience, is yearning for physical touch. Contact. Literally, a sensational experience. As a photographer, I cringe when I see my clients not print their art work from my studio or any other place for that matter. The denial of not being worthy of framed wall art, or at the very least, promotional material for your brand whatever that is, begs the question, “Why invest so much into a photograph just to have it be hidden from sight?” You are the art, the brand. Today’s world is dying to have the experience of just holding something that isn’t their phone. A card, a photograph, to feel the weight of a new portfolio page, to smell and the time that goes into creating the quality that was/is your session and image. That’s right. Smell time.

In creating our Karjaka Culture mailer, (Of which you can subscribe to directly to your Right. –>), I hastily threw together a temporary logo of which I’ve gotten a ton of critical feedback. (Thank you to you who gave that!) Not to mention I hadn’t seen what the logo looked like in print. In a word, a disaster. We’re launching the new logo, soon, but more importantly, it was a reminder for me… an image on screen is not the same as seeing it in print. Don’t be the disaster of screen media. Be the MET Museum. Experience your printed art and take pause in your gloriousness.


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