The Face of Today

Let’s be honest here…I’m in this for the snacks, the juicy tidbits… face it, the stories. Not to mention a few one-liners to boot. 😉 I’m constantly blown away by everyone that I have the pleasure of capturing. It’s a privilege getting to work with my clientele and honestly, I never know what’s coming through my front door. This is what I live for. Your story and a way to capture it.

With an electric smile and owning that canary yellow, Tom here is about to publish his first book and asked for a work of Art. This photo being one of many fabulous captures from his session. His journey? Four years of daily writing, editing, contemplating, jubilation, frustration and the like. The result, a master work that is sure to have a lasting impact.

Today’s story, Tom. Tomorrow, You. Whether you’re someone enjoying retirement penning your first novel, or you’ve just graduated college and are out on your own for the first time, you’ve got a story to tell and I’m anxious to capture it. It’s the journey, the portrait of you that fuels my sessions, but more importantly it’s the detail that comes through in a photograph. What got you to this moment in time, the drama, the juice. No two stories are a like, why should your portrait be any different?

Lay it out on the line and face the future with Karjaka.