Thank You 2018

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A brief note from the Editor… In my future, there is a Karjaka Column out there waiting for weekly publication. Who knows, maybe this will lead to it. In the meantime, I’ll continue in first person prose. 😉

I’m sitting, or more like melting into my couch in the studio. The final session of 2018 has come and gone. The last bits of hairspray linger in the air, accompanied by the fleeting wisps of energy that is the legendary Lucy Shelton and our session this morning. Lucy and I go back just shy of a decade at Manhattan School of Music when I started to pursue a second masters degree in 2010. A mentor and good friend, yesterday’s shoot was the cherry on top to an incredible year of art and creativity here in the studio.

Our friendship got me thinking about this past year… friends who became clients … clients who became friends who walked through my studio doors. I’m always interested in the story of what brought them into the studio… what brought you here, to this blog. The story of you, your journey (not just into my studio, but in life) is what makes our portraits of art so special. You. My thoughts before every session seem to center around… capture even the tiniest bit of who You are, frozen into a moment forever that’s artistically authentically you, that inspires and transforms, the journey, and the story will come together.

I’m always amazed at how often we get to New Years Eve and thank our lucky stars for the start of a new year. A rebirth. A Renaissance. My friends, 2018 was a fantastic story for us, with a story arc that I will be sad to see go. Sad enough that we even managed to squeeze a few sessions in days before New Years. With ups and downs, left turns, steps backwards, forward battle cries, small fires and hot streaks, 2019 will prove only different in that we’ll have that and undeniably more to explore in the studio, life and with things Karjaka. However, none of this story is possible without You.

Thank you for the privilege and honor to create art with you, to share all of what we’re up to. Whether it’s our photos, educational tips, behind the scenes laughs on social media, our soon to debut fashion line, (One word… Pants!) or the waves that we’re creating at Parsons, thank you for being a part of the family. You and your story is what inspires us to keep creating and holds us to be accountable with the responsibility that is Art.

Wishing you the Best in 2019! Happy New Year!

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