Nose Deaf

Kaya Bryla-Weiss

So it’s 2019 and it’s already happening. I see it everywhere. Do you see it? Maybe you’ve gone… Nose Deaf! It’s a new year filled with possibilities and opportunities. The excitement builds for you to share on social media, emails, print ads and other outlets, and there you are… using the same photos ….from 3 years ago.

Remember moving into your first apartment away from home… or perhaps it was your first home that you bought… that new car … or holding your new born baby? It’s the smell. Think about it. I bet you can recall that smell in your head almost instantaneously. However, after a few weeks, months or years, that smell, well it falls on deaf noses until something jars us back into that smell. Ever go on vacation for a week or so and come home to that warm summer apartment? BAM, that smell is back. Or did it ever really leave?

My point being is this, your photos are no different. Use the same photos, “professional” or not, year in and year out, and suddenly, your audience starts to ignore the information that proceeds it. Subconsciously your mind goes, “Yeah yeah, we get it… X has another thing coming up that’s “amazing”… Blah, buh blah, buh blah.” I say this from experience on both sides when viewing social media and my own postings. In the studio it’s no different than a model wearing the same outfit with 3 different lighting designs. We as humans just kinda, well, turn off. “What… couldn’t change things up?”… is what runs through my mind on my own shoots.

Don’t make the mistake of not using every tool possible to keep your audience engaged, and smelling what you’re cooking up! Spice it up in 2019 and treat your audience’s noses and eyes with wild delicious delights with us here in the studio before your audience goes…

Nose Deaf!