Pro Tips: Test Shoots And The ROI For Your Client

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In the Karjaka household the motto was “Practice makes for improvement, not perfection.”  As artists or moreover, humans, we have a quest for perfection, secretly. I know I do. We search for the perfect brush stroke, financial portfolio, apartment setup, relationship, burst of sunlight on that wedding day gown, etc. Personally I look at perfection in a photograph as a mountain with no top. There’s always something to be developed. No pun intended.

There are a lot of reasons why pro photographers test shoot. In short… practice and prep for your future session. Other reasons include but are not limited to…

  • Develop new technical skills. To try something out.
  • New of lighting techniques
  • New gear
  • Try out new hair/makeup artists/assistants/vendors
  • New models with a variety of features
  • Managing high production value sessions
  • New locations
  • Products with high reflective properties
  • Food that melts the minute it’s out of the oven/freezer
  • Flowers blooms lasting only 2 hours
  • And of course Portfolio and Marketing

Why is this important for you the consumer or photographer? Because it cuts down on learning curve for the photographer, time for the client, a better product for the client and increases business growth for both parties. By testing, practicing, the photographer is able to trouble shoot problems in realtime with relative ease, create a better image, and most importantly a better experience for the client. Experience being most important because today anyone can take a photograph. Your client, or you as the client are going to a professional photographer for a variety of reasons. The last thing you want your photographer to be intrenched with it the technical, and not free in the creative process to capture that signature look and style.

Tested and true is the art that comes from the heart, but the practice and prep is what makes it that.

Happy Testing!


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