No iPhone Cover, No Problem. No Instagram Filter, No Problem.

by | Sep 9, 2018 | 0 comments

I haven’t used a cellphone cover for the last 5 years. Apple is a company focused on design, and the iPhone is one of their flagships. Sleek, Slender and Sexy. Why then would I put a cover on it? No longer sleek cover in this plastic shell, bulky in my pocket and, regardless of brand, never really that sexy. Covers are utilitarian. It’s a paradox to me to have both. Granted, living in NYC I’ve had my phone bounce out of my hand because I got knocked on the subway. I get it, life happens.

Here’s what I don’t get… too often I will see friends, who have just spent good money to have had their photograph taken by some photographer, take their new photographs and slap an Instagram filter on it. Literally a digital cover.  Good photographers labor over color correction of their images. Part of the reason my clients invest as much as they do is for that color and contrast correction. Regardless of good or bad, a photographer has a style of color and contrast. If you don’t like how they process their imagery, consider going to a photographer that resonates with you, rather than just pricing point.

Invest in a studio that cares about quality, about color, and no cover.

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