The Value of Your Website

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Ok, so here’s the rub… how do I cover this in three paragraphs and not overwhelm you or me by writing this. We’ve gotten quite a few questions about the new design and who did this dope work? The man of the hour is One Creative Tech,  Mr. Jose Valenzuela. This got us to thinking ok, what are the big takeaways to consider to upping the value of your website. Here are some things to consider with your site…

•Make yourself easy to find. Have a url that’s simple enough to remember. Make sure search engines are finding you so that users can do the same.
•Keep it simple. The less noise the more signal. Don’t add anything that won’t look professional or make it easy for your viewer to find what they’re looking for.
•Look professional.  This is your online agent. It is working on your behalf, even when you’re taking a shower.
Allow your visitor to find relevant information. This will turn the right viewer into a lead. This is a win-win situation.
Why me/us? Let your audience know exactly why they should be doing business with you.
Does your site highlight your unique selling point? There has to be a reason why they’re looking at you and not someone else.
Social Proof. Show them what others are saying about your work. Social proof can help tilt the scales in your favor.
Share your expertise openly and freely. You are the expert. They’ve come this far. Give your audience the opportunity to geek out with you.
Create links into to your site. Write blog posts for relevant online e-zines, have active social media accounts, engage in email marketing, etc.
Allow your lead to contact you, easily. Your contact/sales call to action must be clear and easily accessible. The more time the spend on your site the less time they’re in action.

Remember, there are tons of digital outlets and platforms to display your imagery, BUT your website is home. It’s the one place you can have full autonomy to create an engaging relationship with your market and truly create how the conversation goes. The imagery that you display could and should be stunning, but if missing a key point from above the imagery may get lost in digital translation. YOU are the work of Art and deserve to have your audience see that in the best possible light.


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