Less Is More.

Just because we can, doesn’t necessarily mean we should. We can take more photos, add more lights, bring more outfits, explore all the props, try this crazy hair and makeup experiment, but we must ask ourselves… why? Now I have nothing against experimentation and creativity, but sometimes the best option is often the simplest.

Growing up with film, a photographer only had so many frames per roll so you learned to wait for it. Make it count. As I developed my skills with the camera and directing, I learned quickly if you could get the shot in a roll of 24, why take more? I still abide by this. Today’s photographers often Spray and Pray. Click, click, click, click, click, hoping that one image will come out. Rather than being a better director, we pray to the photo gods…

Dear Lord, help me in my outfit of need.

In the majority of my sessions with my private clients, I keep it to three looks. After the first outfit we start finding our rhythm and by the third outfit we’ve landed our iconic image if not before. With 4+ outfits/hair & makeup concepts I often find we’re trying to force an idea. Let the moment and image breathe. Setup a second session down the line after this first batch has seen the light of day. It’s quality we’re after, not quantity. 1 Iconic image better than a dozen on par images.

And as always, remember to KISS for the Camera. Keep it Simple, Stupid.