It’s In The Eyes

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It’s that first date. Frankie’s singing in the back of your mind … 

…That sly come-hither stare that strips my conscience bare, it’s Witchcraft.

You lean in over the table. You want to get as close to her as possible. She hesitates. Holds herself back ever so slightly. Unsure, this is new territory for the both of you. Could it be this good? Her body position may be unsure, no no… but her eyes… her eyes, yes yes! Why? Those eyes… they never lie.

Life is in the eyes. No matter if you’re gazing into the eyes of a potential lover, or a portrait in the Met Museum, what captures your curiosity in a portrait is the eyes. No matter how good the lighting, outfit, hair and makeup, dead eyes like a shark will kill any photograph faster than bad lighting ever could. It’s the determining factor. 

Your eyes are the first line of communication in almost any situation. From our first moments at birth, connection with Mother through the eyes. That first accident as a child, we make eye contact with our savior to tell us with their eyes… it’s going to be OK. That chance encounter at some event, when you spy across the room someone you’ve never seen before, and it’s the thunderbolt you’d always heard of but never experienced. It’s through the eyes.

We sometimes take for granted eye contact on the streets of any busy city. Agenda this, timeline that, get out of my way yada yada. When we make eye contact on the street with a complete stranger, in the studio, or in a photograph it’s an imprint of something that goes beyond words and worlds. While Frank’s lyric is great, it’s that first ineffable gaze into your date’s eyes that peaks your curiosity. That stops you in your tracts. The portrait of something magical…through the eyes.

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