Where The Action Is…

It’s programmed into our DNA. The fight or flight mechanism. We hear a loud thunderous bang outdoors, the squeal of tire and break pressure, or a child’s cry and we start running. Our minds tell us something is happening, something imminent in the moment is occurring. Drama.

A photograph captures that moment, drama in time. With 20+ years of looking at photographs and I’m still asking myself, “Where’s the action? What’s exciting? Where’s the drama?” There’s nothing worse than having a beautiful subject and moment marred but the overabundance of negative space or noise in the background.

Just get in closer damn it! What do you have to lose? Get tight, and tell me a story that is true and pure. Take a step forward, even a baby step and advance your narrative photographically by cutting out everything which is not the Action.

Crop it in tight with Karjaka.