The Morning Ritual

Everyone has their morning ritual. For many of us, coffee is the kick starter for the day. Whether you enjoy a black cup, a latte of sorts or go the full monty with the pour over, chances are there’s a good story to your routine.

Director of Coffee at Kinship Coffee in Astoria, coffee aficionado Alex Rodriguez is no stranger to the ritual. Just as he does with every perfectly brewed cup, Alex and I meticulously labored over each image not only making sure that the lighting, mood and energy were sculpted to perfection, but also to staying true to form with the pour over process. With a grind from Tandem Coffee Roasters and the Six Cup Classic Chemex Coffeemaker, we knew this pour over was poised to be the most robust of visual coffee experiences. Simple and elegant the coffee and story speak for themselves.

As far as stories go, this has been one of our favorites yet! Big shout out of thanks to Alex and Kinship Coffee. Interested in seeing more classic coffee art? Don’t forget to check Alex’s fantastic coffee photography and shorts on his Instagram. And as always, we’re updating our website daily with new images and stories. Like what you see here? Check us out, stop by and say “Hi!” on our website, Facebook and Instagram.