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Letter from the Editor

2020 is Dead. Long Live 2021.

Follow Confucius, slow down on Sisyphus. I’ve always had mixed feelings on New Years. On the one hand it’s a day or two to reflect on the past year, and it’s events and accomplishments, (although, with this past year who knows if you’ll really wish to reflect), followed by new year’s resolutions and actions which I abhor. So much pressure on the New Year. 2021, I’m gonna do this, build that, lose this weight, run that marathon, make a million dollars etc.

Confucius says, “To move a mountain start with the small stones first.” If 2020 has taught this polymath anything it’s that it’s a daily journey moment to moment. With a near year of lockdown, we’ve learned to overturn many stones, and for some create new creative outlets of expression, entertainment, sanity, productivity, fortune and the like. New ideas, feelings, thoughts springing forth from the well of obscurity, now not quite so obscure and dormant, bringing new light to what lays ahead.

My only wish for you in 2021, outside of the customary, is to watch out for Sisyphus. In short, growing powerful, Sisyphus deceives those around him and thusly his hubris casts him into a hell of his own doing. A journey of no end, pushing that boulder up a mountain, never to reach the summit. My wish, take more steps. Be better today more so than you were yesterday, and cherish that development with childlike wonder and awe.

On a more personal note, Thank YOU for your love & support of us at KARJAKA. Believe it or not, there are upwards of 30 of us here keeping Karjaka Iconic, but without you, there would be no us in 2021. 

Thank you from all of us as we wish you and yours a Safe, Happy and Picturesque 2021!

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