The Cheat Sheet

With the warmer weather finally here, I’ve been getting a slew of questions lately as to how to prepare mentally and physically for sessions with me. As we’ll be on the road in Chicago, LA and other exotic places this Summer, I thought it might be easier to create this cheat sheet of Quick Tips for you to download/save. Coincidentally, this also gave me an opportunity to try out our new electronic stationary. Our real stationary is currently at the printer. 😉

As we’ve spent some time talking in-depth in earlier blog posts on these items, as well as additional ways to prep, I’ve omitted the non-essentials for the ease of this cheat sheet. Mind you, this is what I’ve noticed in my years of portrait and fashion photography. I’m sure other photographers might have their own opinions or disagree, however these are tried and true with me and my team.

Have questions? Always feel free to reach out to me and my crew via this, [email protected] or @karjaka on Instagram. That’s what we’re here for. 😀 Happy Prepping and see you in the Studio!