Prisoners of Love

Julian Watson

Blue skies above, can’t keep our hearts in jail… unfortunately. Locked in with loved ones? Perhaps you’re going stir crazy in singledom? Hard not to feel the effects of this pandemic. Human family units stuck inside with their other loved ones, their progeny, ready to tear their skin off just to get a few moments alone, outside of washing hands ever 20 minutes. Single apartment inhabitants looking at their palatial 500 square feet of books, DVDs and dishes, that at one time was their fortress of solitude, only to become a prison of their own design.

It’s a truly remarkable time. The shoe is now on the other foot for stay at home Mom and Dads, meanwhile those of us who work from home, while having prepared for this moment our entire lives, are now missing even the smallest of social interactions. And with social media and streaming as our only forms of escapism and 24/7 news, the next 2 weeks could prove to be disastrous for those around us.

Amidst quarantined Covid chaos, my two cents along with everyone else chiming in … get creative. And no, I don’t mean catch up on all that work, forced content creating and analytics et al. Try something new! Find escape beyond the phone and build something. Take photographs for fun, redesign everything, dive into the best practices to cook eggs, read Rilke for the first time, water color with the kids, share your experiences with everyone. As you expand your mind in your creative pursuits, so too shall you find new ways to love in this chaotic mess.

Break the bonds of boredom, and pardon yourself from your temporal prison. Get Creative.

Karjaka Creative.