Just Hanging Around

by | May 17, 2019 | 0 comments

There’s something to be said about the hang. As school comes to a close at Parsons this week, it got me thinking on some of the greatest advice I’ve ever received… go forth and hang, mingle with artists alike and non. Get out of the office/ the studio/practice room/lab and shoptalk over coffee, a ruben, a double Dickel on the rocks. Hit up the local Happy Hour for some Hemingway-esque ramblings.

Some of the greatest lessons on craft and life haven’t happened in the classroom but over bad merlot and a gallery viewing, or in my case sitting in a photo lab with chain smokers reeking of Marlboro cigarettes and photo fixer. Lest we forget, hanging around legends of other professions is also a source of obscure inspiration. This past week a breakfast chat with the legend that is Jon Diamond of Diamond Dental gave me pause to think about diversification in social media content and the impact of saturation.

While I love chatting it up with artists or entrepreneurs, even chatting time away with students half my age at Parsons has opened up new ideas. These magazine style covers for one, inspired by their papers and shoptalk on graphic design has brought new life in how I connect with my audience.

There’s no one way to learn, acquire skills and inspiration regardless of craft. Art/Entrepreneurship and commerce are everywhere, especially in NYC. If this semester has taught me anything, you never know what’s going to drop in and inspire.

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