Wingtips, Wooden Heels, & the Wardrobe

by | Jan 29, 2020 | 0 comments

I’m 15 years old and marveling at the broguing on my new wingtips. As instructed, I went outside to scuff up the leather souls as to add traction and not fall on my face later that evening. As a young doubler in my teens, I was headed off to some sort of jazz gig. As I walked back stage with bass clarinet and bari sax in hand, I couldn’t help but love the sound of the click of the wooden heel and the stage floor. Click clack, click clack.

With each step I felt a sense of power, a little rush of adrenaline, my body became a bit more rigid as I took the stage floor front and center. Empowered in a sort of power pose, I took my seat and was ready to jam. Just writing this now, I feel my body reliving those moments and excitement. As a newly minted 35 year old, nothing has changed 20 years later. Walking the streets of New York, on stage at Carnegie, or in my studio, I walk with purpose starting with my shoes leading up to my bowtie and Burberry glasses. I’ve performed well before taking that first note, making that first introduction or taking that first snap.

Your wardrobe, your style, that’s what sets the tone for any engagement. Whether it’s your sweatpants and college sweater for that weekend do-nothing-athon, that pressed shirt for your first interview, or that new Jil Sander outfit for your session with yours truly, go with who you are and own it. Own your power with each pose, rather than being that poser in something you’d never be caught dead wearing out in public. Empowerment via your outfitted aura is sexy.

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