Sharing a pipe with Nick Nelson

by | Feb 22, 2016 | 0 comments


Stylish composer, electroacoustic artist, sound designer, technologist and all around brilliant guy, Nick Nelson and I met up one Fall afternoon over a bourbon and talked the about future. Well, maybe not the Future future, but the immediate future of creating a portrait together. I was eager to get Nick’s sense of style and debonaire presence into the studio, and so we decided to craft some images that highlight those very things.

In case you missed it, yes those are robots on Nick’s socks. Having worked with Nick for the past five years, it doesn’t surprise me that he’s able to incorporate something so playful into what some would consider a “serious” shoot. Audiences sometimes feel stiff when they hear the phrase “New Music” composer, but Nick is able to let all that chatter subside as he inserts a bit of fun into these images.

I’m particularly fond of ascots. The age of Beau Brummell (1778-1849)  is certainly not lost on Mr. Nelson. Form fitting houndstooth, simple and elegant, these images could only be complimented with a pipe of course. To capture the scene – pipe and all – we back lit Nick to enhance a subtle, smokey cool.

All that, my friends, sets apart the men from the boys. Nothing finer than a gentleman, a little music, pipe and sense of style.



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