Lunch and Natural Light.

2pm and the hunger pangs are hitting.
I’ve been editing and emailing all morning. Grocer across the street. I pick up a steak, mushrooms and salad fixins. From market to plate in 10 minutes. Giddy up.

I’ve been seeing a health coach for the last 5 months. The fabulous Lianna Nielsen of Creatively Nourishing. She and half my community hold me to account with a healthier eating habits and lifestyle. Not missing an opportunity to take a photograph, I send her and my crew today’s lunch. Got me thinking on this post. I’m not the type of guy who photo’s their food on the go, but when I make it, I’ll take the extra 60 seconds to document in the name of yummy.

I opened a window for some midday southern light and a flat surface. (Sorry Macbook Pro, you’ll have to do.) Clean background, simple plate, delicious food (I burnt the mushrooms. –> New pans.), and midday lighting. 60 seconds to take that photo, and with my iPhone, and the food was still hot. 😉 Work with the tools available and you can create great memories and content, or just a little bragging rights to your friend… even if they don’t see the side salad.

Bon Appetit.