Keep Your Eye on the Board.

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They stood there like chess pieces across a crowded board. The board, the Queens bound R train. His back against the subway car doors, averting eye contact with his partner. Seated, she glared at him over a crowded subway car. The onlookers missing the pathos in front of them while lost in their mobile devices. Gesturing at him to sit next her, he leaned into the sway of the subway car, strong and proud. Held his position. A possible stalemate.

The passengers push their way off, forcing the King to make his way to the empty seat at her side. Her move.

The argument, unknown, unimportant. They stare at one another. Eyes locked. Words at a whisper aggressively flowing, but eyebrows doing the majority of communication. She retreats. Turns her back to him and nestles herself into the subway seat and the window. Feet pointing away. The final gesture.

She closes her eyes. Check.

Moments go by, a small eternity for all we know. Side by side he leans in, gently lays his temple on her shoulder. Pawn blocks Check. 

She opens her eyes ever so slightly to view the board. With eyes closed, he reaches for her hand. The hint of tattoo ink shows, scrolling down her forearm, Liberi Vivite, Live Free. Fingers intertwine. She looks in to him. The war is over in a simple kiss. She shares her ear bud with him, and all was right with the world.

Check Mate. 

And Me?? With bags, raincoat and umbrella in hand, all I wanted was a moment to breathe between meetings. But like most creatives, we can’t turn IT off. Not that we’d want to, but during sleep or those brief moments on the subway would be nice!

Inspiration comes from everywhere. It can be maddening, deafening. When you’re choosing an artist for your next iconic image, make sure it’s with someone who can’t turn it off. Who has a vision on crowded R train in rush hour. Who yearns for a moments reprieve, but instead scribbles feverishly into a Moleskine notebook while observing a young Romeo and Juliet duel it out with their eyebrows. That’s a Karjaka Portrait.

Giddy up!

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